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Customized solutions for every need.

We help professionals, companies and institutions to analyze buildings in a non-invasive way.


Because the early non-invasive diagnosis of the state of the constructions allows to:

Maintain safe using conditions for users.
Safeguard the built heritage avoiding high reconstruction costs.
Avoid repair costs for any other type of tests or verifications.


RCT (Reinforced Concrete Tomography) is a tool with multiple applications. Our vast experience in its development has opened up numerous fields of action for us. Today, thanks to this, we can design solutions that allow us to see what was previously unthinkable. We adapt our equipment and define parameters that allow us to study any scenario in any context.


Precise rebar detailing and its state of corrosion. Generation of a three-dimensional digital model of the sector under study. It allows to determine: type of component, location (relative to the element), diameter (with precision of 5 and 1 mm respectively) and a quantitative analisis of the extent of the corrosion in terms of loss of bar section.


Precast elements meet very precise technical specifications and their design is optimized to fulfill their function. Many times, on site, they present deformations or unforeseen behaviors that require verifying these specifications. RCT allows to check specs in a non destructive way without compromising it´s integrity or affecting the activities carried out in the area.


In post-tensioned structures, grouting is of fundamental importance to the integrity of the structure. RCT allows to detect and size cavities and inhomogeneities with great precision without affecting the structure of the element.


RCT allows non-invasive analysis of those sensitive and heritage elements in historic buildings, either to determine and schedule restoration and maintenance work or for a new use that requires greater bearing capacity.


These elements are highly exposed and affected by weather conditions. We can detect its metal fixing parts and determine its state of corrosion.


RCT allows to visualize the laying of facilities within the structures, determine their materiality, dimensions, etc. This application is very useful in cases of needing to drill through the structural element.


Detection of internal scale and other substances accumulation in infrastructure networks without physical intervention. If this problem remains unaddressed, the whole system may require more than regular maintenance.


Our team will design the best procedure to attend your specific needs. We leverage in our exclusive technology to solve any challenge. From submerged dock piles to balconies in buildings and bridge cables. Just let us know how can we be of help.

Our services are particularly required for:

Determining and scheduling maintenance work in all types of buildings

Providing additional technical information for insurance or legal purposes

Controling the correct execution of jobs that by their nature are "invisible" (grouting in pre and post-tensioned sheaths)

Analyzing the bearing capacity of existing structures with no available data

Verifying technical specifications of precast elements

Monitoring the inner condition of underground infrastructure networks


THASA has a team of experts at your service.

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